About the Monsterkabinett

The Monsterkabinett is a unique cultural institution in Berlin-Mitte, designed as a mechanical theatre and has been open since 2010. It was founded by the Berlin-based artist group Dead Chickens and offers its visitors a unique experience: a walk-through space and art installation with kinetic automata sculptures, set to music and drama.

The Monsterkabinett represents a diverse and interdisciplinary approach, showcasing pneumatic, kinetic, and digitally-controlled machine and invention art. There are performance artists who guide the audience through a twenty-minute "monster show," in which technology comes to life. The result is a journey through a special kind of amusement park.

Originally founded as an independent museum by the Dead Chickens, the Monsterkabinett has since inspired numerous international artists and art projects. It is an important space for the free scene of Berlin, providing room for artistic expression and independent production. The Monsterkabinett is a vital part of the cultural heritage of the city of Berlin, showcasing a unique connection between technology and art.